Friday, December 20, 2013

The Last of the Sleigh Bells

I promise, this is the last of my sleigh bell harnesses. I purchased the brown sleigh bells last year after Christmas.  I knew they'd be perfect for a hanging Christmas arrangement.  Everything for this project came out of my stash of Post-Christmas-Clearance shopping from numerous prior years.
The poinsettia and the holly leaves were part of a larger bush I cut apart.  The pine cone with the bit of evergreen and berries was part of a larger swag.  Yup, I cut that puppy apart too.  The rustic snowmen were in a box with metal snowflakes that didn't even match.  The snowflakes have clips on the back and these snowmen have a metal loop. 
I think they were designed to go on Christmas lights.  Who knows how they ended up in the box of snowflakes?  In to my shopping cart it went.  I think they've been stashed here for about three years waiting for the perfect project.

The base is made from a three foot section of garland. Form a loop and connect the ends to each other.
Stretch it out flat as shown in the photograph of the base. Since the harness will go down the center of the arrangement, all of the little evergreen branches should be bent to go towards the outside except for a few which get tied into the inside. This maintains the shape of the base and gives the sleigh bell harness something to rest on.
Place the largest item, which in this case is the pine cone grouping from the other style of swag I cut apart.
Floral wire works out great to hold it in place.
 The flowers are next. Secure with wire as well.
And the holly berries with leaves. More wire.
Work the various items up around the harness for a nice effect.

 The snowman accent really can go anywhere.  For this arrangement, he sits at the top.

 All that's left is to add a bow and hang it up. Or make up several more as gifts.

These were fun to make up and really cleared out my stash.  I guess that means I need to hit the clearance bins next week.

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