Thursday, January 23, 2014

Best Cookie EVER!

My son is not a big fan of cake. Even birthday cake, his own birthday cake, will go uneaten.  I honestly can't even remember the last time I actually made a birthday cake for him.  Usually I just make up my chocolate chip cookies or a pan of brownies for his birthday party instead.  This year I wanted to try out something I saw somewhere... facebook, likely.

An Oreo cookie tucked inside of a chocolate chip cookie.  Or is it a chocolate chip cookie wrapped around an Oreo?  I guess it doesn't really matter.  Besides, it's a chocolate chip cookie AND an Oreo cookie!

I kind of used this recipe at tablespoon dot com.  I say "kind of" because I used my own chocolate chip cookie recipe...which is on the back of the chocolate chip bag.  I guess the only thing I followed was the parchment paper and the 350 degree oven temp.

I started with the good stuff... and of course I sampled them.  I mean, it would be horrible to get a bad package of Oreos, right?

The recipe said to drop a cookie scoop full on to the parchment paper.  I don't have a cookie scoop, I used to... but... well... likely I used it for crafting with since I do that more than baking.  Anyway, I used a teaspoon.  And then I placed the Oreo on the cookie dough.  I'd show you what that looks like but apparently I forgot to take a picture of that.
Drop another scoop of cookie dough on top of the Oreo and kind of work the dough all around the Oreo.
Let me tell ya, cookie dough is sticky and I began to wonder just how long this cookie making process was going to take.  BECAUSE there's a WHOLE LOT of crafting I could be doing instead.
I sampled a few more Oreos and realized...
The parchment paper is PERFECT for getting the chocolate chip cookie dough to mold around the Oreo and it's not nearly as sticky as my fingers for the cookie dough.
Yes, much better.
A little sneak peek into the oven.  These cookies are bigger and thicker than normal chocolate chip cookies which is why the drop in oven temperature is necessary, I'm guessing.  I figured that it took about 15 to 16 minutes for each load of cookies to bake.
I learned as I went along and here's what I learned...  Use less cookie dough on the bottom scoop.  It will spread out.  My first four cookies were over 4 inches across with the Oreo somewhere in the middle.  The teenage testers didn't seem to mind.

Ideally, the cookie is equal parts Oreo and chocolate chip thus each bit it a perfect yummy mix of both cookies.  My last 4 cookies were nearly perfect.
Why 4 at a time?  I'm not exactly the grand champion of maximizing space on a cookie sheet.  My third pan of cookies was actually six cookies, I was impressed!
So that's what it looks like on the inside.  Yummy!! 

I might try mini chocolate chips next time I do this.  I think it might make it easier to get the right amount of chocolate chip cookie dough around the Oreo.  I bet I could get more than 18 cookies out of the mix as well.  I'll have to remember that baking time would likely be less as well.

And here's the plate before the taste testers came back up from the basement rec room for more food.  The plate doesn't look like that now.

The "rec" room is part of my magic shop space so there is no crafting tonight.  Just cookie eating.  Enjoy!

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  1. I will try these even tho I have no teenagers to eat these. Heck I will eat them! :)