Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Shop: Totally Thrifty Storage Solutions

Trust me on this one, it's fine to hold on to various items knowing they'll be perfect for crafting with, but to toss them into one giant plastic tote labeled "Good Stuff for Crafting"...nope... that doesn't work.  I had a bin like that for a number of years and in that time, the need for drink umbrellas did come up twice that I remember. I either forgot I had them, or I simply did not have the desire to remove from the bottom of a stack of totes the giant one labeled "Good Stuff" only to have to then, dig through the contents of the container to get to the paper parasols, which may or may not be in there somewhere.

I am now the QUEEN of re-using any plastic container.  Peanut butter, mayonnaise, hot cocoa, rice, even deli counter containers... I love 'em all.  Their various sizes offer me the perfect storage solution for vintage star-burst Christmas tree light covers, fuzzy peeps, Styrofoam golf balls, wicker angels, paper parasols, wayward game pieces, bottle corks, colored vintage tulip Christmas tree light covers, double sided foam tape, wood craft sticks, and suction cups.  The next time I discover the need for a drink umbrella, I'll know exactly where to find it.  As for the Styrofoam golf balls???? My niece and crafting partner told me to hang on to those.  I don't know why but I know exactly where they're at should we discover the need for them.
So now, instead of the imposing and utterly useless tote of "Good Stuff for Crafting", I have drawers like these which hold my former rice container of paper umbrellas and peanut butter jar of wooden craft sticks.  Every thing is neat and easy to get reach.

I have many preferred plastic containers.  One of them is the powdered coffee creamer bottles.  They are just right for decorative yarn that gets used as trim on various denim projects.
I slip an end through the hole in the top, drop the ball of yarn into the container and...
...like magic, I have trim that doesn't tangle, ready for any project.
Remember to give the containers a thorough bath before use... that hot pink yarn has the faint scent of vanilla caramel. 

Clear containers top my list of favorites so I don't have to label them... although... I do love to label things.  Prescription bottles are great for beads while those little cookie sprinkle containers are excellent for pins. Peanut butter jars are a top pick at this house for everything including house paint.  Currently, I'm a huge fan of the Crystal Light containers that contain six packets of drink mix.  I can't drink that stuff but my husband does and he knows to save the container for me.  The absolute BEST part about these wonderful containers is the cost.  THEY ARE FREE!!!

A note here, glass jars are fine but I've broken a few and that's not a fun mess in the craft space. 

All kinds of containers are fair game in this house.  Bins that have long ago lost their lids can easily hold dolls who need hair and bags that are no longer needed contain tattered tents awaiting a new use.

Even the cardboard boxes the baby wipes came in are useful.  These are great because they have handles and are completely disposable should the contents spring a leak. 

Shoe boxes, gift boxes, even old metal strainers previously used to clean fish tank pebbles will work.  Need vintage plastic clothesline pins?  They're in the NIKE box.  (I really should label that.)

All of these previously purposed containers are good to have ready.  Mine sit waiting on the top shelf in my craft storage space.  I don't save EVERY container that comes into my house.  
At this point, I feel as if I have enough coffee cans, small prescription bottles, and creamer containers, but peanut butter jars????
I'll make room for peanut butter jars.

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