Sunday, August 22, 2010

In my imagination

In my imagination, I own this fascinating shop in some quaint and out of the way location. My shop is filled with all sorts of neat crafty type items. Most of those items would be salvaged off of vintage clothing.

Well, in reality, I don't own a shop like that. I have a craft zone that's more of a disaster zone and not enough hours in a day to get to my craftiness let alone manage a shop.

So this blog will be a way to make that shop happen. No, nothing is for sale, it's my imagination after all. This blog, however, will be a place for me to showcase some of the creativity that does finally emerge with in my creative zone when life finally allows for a minute or two just for me.

I've also used this Blog to link up some of my favorite Blogs for creativity. I hope they inspire you like they do me.

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